The Haiti Eartquake Aftermath: Meeting Emotional and Psychological Needs

Monitoring, Capturing, Sharing, Mapping, and Giving Visibility to the Mental Health Efforts in Different Regions in Haiti

Who We Are

Rebati Sante Mantal Haiti is a non-profit organization dedicated to the goal of establishing an effective mental health capability in Haiti, that is an integral part of Haiti health services, policy, and funding, and that provides evidence-based systems, delivery, and treatment strategies.

What We Do

• Monitoring, capturing, sharing, mapping, and giving visibility to the range of often fragmented efforts indifferent regions in Haiti
• Highlighting and supporting efforts to bring financial, planning and faculty/mentoring/trainer support for the re-establishment and sustained excellence of psychiatric clinics and hospitals.
• Integrating community primary care health model as part of overall health systems strengthening in Haiti.
• Supporting and encouraging efforts that build the capacity of Haitians to sustainably provide these services.
• Mobilization and recruitment for direct support and assistance to achieve these goals from Haitian and Creole speaking mental health specialists in Haiti and outside of Haiti.
• Mobilization of networks of support from funders, decision makers, governmental and non-governmental health providers.